Words of the Prophet

Work created originally for the Artstation challenge Ancient Civilization Game character, but I wasn't able to finish in time, so took a bit more to finish and study.
In the end the model is with 96.507 tris.
Used 2 4096x4096 textures for the model and 2 1024x1024 textures for the hair.

Concept created for the challenge by the amazing Tatiana Vetrova.

Tairo fialho beautyposedfront wide
Tairo fialho turntableposedphotoshop
Tairo fialho frontbackrender
Tairo fialho frontbackrender wire
Tairo fialho uppermaps
Tairo fialho bottonmaps
Tairo fialho hairtextures
Tairo fialho wordsofprophet

Original Concept by Tatiana Vetrova